Anonymous asked:

Do u believe in love at first site? What do u do when u love someone but can't be with them?

I do not believe in love at first sight. From my experience, that is merely lust.

But, in the universal sense we are all made of dead stars and that somehow binds us together so it could be possible.

Love them as a dear friend and move on.

Anonymous asked:

Could you speak about your first love? What was it like?

I could speak of her and have quite a lot. So much so that perhaps her voice no longer belongs to her, but only sounds like mine.

It was amazing and I made a lot of mistakes, all of which I still regret.

Anonymous asked:

Every single poem you post gets featured. What's your opinion is the feature system?

About two years ago when the feature system was put into place, I voiced my opinions loud and clear. Too many to say here and to be honest, since then my voice in the Tumblr writing community has diminished significantly. Always believed there should be a regular rotation of editors for all those in charge of featuring, not just lit, prose, and poetry. If that has come to fruition, then my original opinions may have to be amended. If the same editors are in place now that were then, my opinions stand as they once did.

If it were up to me, things would be back to the recommendation = featured page.

Anonymous asked:

hi todd -- can you help me out? i quit tumblr a long time ago, and i remember you having some kind of connection with michael wriston / boyghost. i can't find his tumblr anymore. do you know where he is? thanks.


Yes indeed. Michael was always one of my favorite photographers. Still is. I believe at the moment he can only be found on Instagram, but I could be incorrect. His username is mwriston.

If anyone has further info, please feel free to comment.