Fall: Canada

Sat north border side
soaking vitamins
with blood needles

and 168 hours
of empty slate sky,
satellites sucking on
the waves we leave

against the fabric
of one another.

Never about
tomorrow, jaws slack
on off on off,
the good old days
weeping over the
tombstone fields
on off on off-

Too many corpses
hanging around our
necks to be rip-tide brave,
organs cement chiseled
to machinery grade,
sinking slower and
slower on off on off.


We probe, into
wood worn before
learning about
and the way
knots turn young
eyes to milk.
Telling stories,
the long ones,
about nothing
and how it made

into the thing
we now embody-

whether all
or knots or
smooth edges,
we are immortal
omniscient world
crushers with fingertips
bathed in gold,
splitting atoms
on basement
couches hanging
ourselves with speech,
hoping for connection.


Four hours of sleep.

Four hours until waking, pretending yesterday was special.

Four hours without thinking.

Four hours without conscious breathing.

Four hours until waking, pretending today will be a day to remember, five, ten, twenty years from now.

Twenty hours before four hours without irrational thought and the intention of being the centerfold of life.

Four hours until I hate myself again. Dreams always look better when the ego isn’t in checkmate. When distortion is the memory and not fated to rationalization.

The sun was not,
two melting tangerines.

Your hands were not,
carved from ice.

This place was not,
as long, or deep, or tilted.

Summer: Birthed

I have kept
this soul
still, yet
my body
vibration, no
matter how subtle
or from who,
grinding my
teeth against
the memory

of Love.
A feeling,
only a feeling,
sewn into
my subconscious
to be something
placed pedestal
high, despite low

says a Spirit
can guide
when asked,
but the bottom
of every bottle
fails to speak.

My feelings,
only defined
by ghosts,
begin to feel

cliche, and
that is somehow

Anonymous asked:

Do u believe in love at first site? What do u do when u love someone but can't be with them?

I do not believe in love at first sight. From my experience, that is merely lust.

But, in the universal sense we are all made of dead stars and that somehow binds us together so it could be possible.

Love them as a dear friend and move on.